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Related post: Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 17:21:56 EST From: Subject: X-Men Tales: Past GlimpsesX-Men tales: is loosely based on the X-Men- Evolution t.v. cartoon series, as well as the comicbook produced by Marvel Comics. _________________________________________________________________________________cyclops- nightcrawler- iceman- storm- rogue- jean grey- cannonball- kitty pryde- spike- wolfsbane- wolverine- professorX- gambit- magma- sunspot- bishop- colossus- children sex russia beast- / sabretooth- magneto- mystique- the sentinels- the brood- omega red- the hellfire club- lady deathstrike- the brotherhood of evil mutants- the imperial guard- the star jammers-_________________________________________________________________________________Disclaimer: These are Marvel child pissing photos Comics Characters _________________________________________________________________________________ PAST GLIMPSES The Antartica -the coldest place on the planet- was in the mist of a serious snow storm. The pornchild porno winds blew with hurricane force, the snow and ice whipped through the sunlite sky children sex pictures like millions of tiny pellets, striking anything in child nudity clips its path with the fury mother nature is known for. The Black-bird hummed through the skies porno children galery like childrens sex pictures a beam of black light, maneuvering through the storm at top speeds. Behind the controls, was one of the the X-Men's oldest memebers: Wolverine. His focas was: fiercely determined. His thoughts, singular. He had recently been told that a recurring nightmare, was not a nightmare afterall, but a subconscious memory, -after a phychic session with the greatest telepath on the planet: Professor Charles Xavier. A location was determined through the psycosis, and the X-Men were dispatched with Wolverine for possible aide incase of trouble. Scott Summers (Cyclops), sat beside Wolverine as co-pilot. He wearily eyed Wolverine eversince take-off from the X-Men Mansion nearly 2 hours ago. He knew Wolverine to be a rather....intense character, but his demeanor now, was extreme -even for him. The rest of the team included Storm (the weather witch), Jean Grey (the telekinetic), Iceman (the human snowman), Wolfsbane (the female werewolf) child nude gratis and Nightcrawler (the furry blue devil). They sat in the passenger comparment of the sleek jet, playing card games and gossiping."We're coming up close child nude pictures to our destination." Said Cyclops, mpeg child masturbation reading the flashing instruments before his red glowing eyes. Wolverine didn't answer. His focus child russion nude was consistant, trance like even. He sped forward, pressing the craft to its near limits."What is that?" Cyclops asked, trying to focus his eyes through the white haze in the air. From the distance, something began to take shape. A structure of somesort. A fortress, a castle. An honest to goodness stone castle."Is porno xxx child that what we came out rusian nudes children here for?" Wolverine still didn't answer. His mind was elsewhere. Trying to figure out the terrible knotting in children sexy nudes his stomach. He circled the structure from the air with the Blackbird. A quick reconisis showed the building to be derlict. It appeared to be abandoned."Kurt!" Cyclops called. Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler), BAMPed his way into the cockpit from the back."You rang?" he asked in a thick germen accent."Couldn't you have just walked in?" Cyclops nublies child pictures complained, waving his hand back and forth under his nose. Nightcrawler emits a nasty smell of fire and brimstone whenever he teleports from place to place."Sorry." said the teenager, forgetting the effects of illegal porno child his power sometimes."I need you to teleport down to that castle, and give us a quick assesment on its occupants." Cyclops said. "But be careful, we have no idea what may be awaiting us. Teleport out of there if you see anything.""Aye-eye!" Nightcrawler soluted, then disappeared. As the smoke began to clear from the cabin, Wolverine found a clearing inwhich to "park" the Blackbird. The jet decended from the heavens like child porno foto a giant bird of prey. It came to rest on children porno club an embankment. Snow blew up from the ground, mixing with the blizzard all around the craft.Wolverine quickly unfastened his seat-belt, and nude photography children began to exit."Where are you going childe nude pics Wolverine?" Cyclops called, grabbing the elder X-Man by the arm. "The castle hasn't been deemed safe yet."Wolverine spun around with a growl. His eyes looking wild, animal like. His face was a scary sight of unfamiliarity. Cyclops jumped back in sudden fear."Logan!" yelled Ororo Monroe (Storm).Wolverine looked around at the strange faces about him. He didn't recognize anyone of them. They looked young. Innocent. He knew they weren't the ones he seeked. With the speed of a cheetah, Wolverine turned, and jumped from the Blackbird's open side door. Within seconds, he disappeared into the snow drift surrounding the craft."What was that about?" Iceman (Bobby Drake) said, a frightful chill, -ironically rushing up his spine."I'm not sure. Jean, can you read his thoughts?" Cyclops asked, voyeur child pics moving towards his teenaged girlfriend."Mr. Logan's thoughts were always rather hard to read..." she said, closing her eyes, and focusing on Wolverine's thought patterns. "...but...I think...I can...track his movements.""Good. Keep an eye on him." Cyclops commanded."What about Kurt?" Wolfsbane asked, her Scottish accent in definate swing."Oh, Kurt! incest russian children He should've been back by now!" Cyclops paniced. In the Danger Room's training sessions, he was always the student with the hightest scores. This however, was real life, and not quite as predictable. "Jean...?!""Already on it." Jean Grey said, abandoning her tracking of Wolverine. Instead, she searched for Nightcrawler's thought patterns. Her eyes popped open in fear. "Scott, I...I can't SENSE nudist children gallery Kurt anywhere." she said, her voice a quiver."Donot be concerned as yet Scott." comforted Storm. "It is near impossible to read Kurt's thoughts when he is in active teleportation.""Then why isn't he here yet then Ororo? It would only take Kurt a second to teleport back to the Blackbird, if he could. No, something must have happened to him. We'll need child fuck fotos to search for him. Him, and Logan."Storm was the first to exit the sexy childs clips Bird. The "weather witch" conjured a northren wind, strong enough to carry her into the air. Fighting against nature, she glided on the strength and speed of her own currents. She swooped in like a dive bomber, not only to get a closer look at the enemy fortress, but to surprise any would be attackers in the process.Wolfsbane and Iceman was next to exit. Iceman on one of his infamious ice-sleds, while Rahne, shape-shifted into wolf form, to follow Wolverine's trail through the snow.Scott summer and Jean russian children nude Grey quickly red indian child followed, hand children naturist pictures in hand.Storm circled the castle several times, before landing and joining child nudist voyeur the other team members as they formed outside the castle's giant double doors."I see xxx girls child no other way inside." Storm said. "The castle is sealed tight, with no visable windows.""Then we'll have to make our own entrance." Cyclops said, focusing his eyesight on the hinges of the double doors. A bright red energy burst erupts from illegall porn children Cyke's eye-piece, and shatters the front doors into hundreds of thousands of splinters.The incest porn child X-Men enter the structure with extreme caution."We'll need to split up into two teams," Cyclops informed. "to cover more ground. Storm, Jean, and Rhaine, search for Kurt. Make sure you alert me and Bobby if you spot anything. And I mean, anything. got it?"Cyclops and Jean shared a quick lovers kiss, then the two teams (with Iceman and Cyclops on the other) ran off in different directions into the candid child upskirts dark musky castle.For the next 20 minutes, the X-men wandered in and out of endless rooms and secret corridors. Finding nothing but empty cobbwebs. amateur child porn Cyclops and Iceman found a large door, leading down into what they could only guess was a sub -basment or dungeon. The door looked as if it were sliced open with very large knives. Cyclops knew that that neked child pussy had to be the work of Wolverine.The two boys decended the dark stairwell into the unknown, just as Wolfsbane caught the unmistakable sent of her fellow companion, Nightcrawler.Shape-shifting into half human half wolf form (enabling her to speak), Rhaine called out to Jean Grey and Ororo Monroe. They all rushed over to Kurt's unconscious body, laying prone on the dirty dusty floor."Kurt has been attacked." Storm serveyed, noting the burn marks to tgp japan childs his insulated uniform."I'll contact Scott." Jean said, but before she could establish a suitable mind-link, robotic drones came out of collapsing walls, ambushing the female X-men....Meanwhile, Cyclops and Iceman reached the bottom of the stone steps. They walked along a long carridor, leading them inside a large room, that resembled a mad-scientist's labratory."What's all this?" Iceman asked, looking around at all the old machines and equippment, long ahead of its time."I'm not sure." Cyclops said. "Lets ask HIM."Standing just ahead of them by 50 meters, was the man they seeked, Wolverine. He stood before a giant tits child pics machine, housing a glass tube, child incest porn which looked just big enough to support a full sized human male's body, standing up-right. Wolverine appeared to be lost in space, looking almost trance-like. He stared into the abiss straight ahead, yet not really seeing it at all.Cyclops approached slowly, as not to startle the older X-man. He really didn't want a repeat performance of the Blackbird."Wol...Logan, are you alright?" he asked, from what he considered a safe distance. All the while noting, that with a killing machine like Wolverine, there was no such thing as a "safe distance".With no answer to his question, Cyclops moved in closer. He qued Iceman to react quickly, if Wolverine even looked as if he didn't recognize him.Cautiously, the teenaged leader of the team reached out. Gently he child pics porno touched Wolverine upon his shoulder, finally getting a reaction from his most relentless trainer. The reaction he least desired.Wolverine had no idea where he was, or that anyone was near him. His mind was like liquid fire, child diva clothes and he considered anyone in the immediate vicinity, -an enemy.With a frightful snarl on his face, he child incest story turned toward Cyclops, shoving the slinder boy a good 20 feet nude child lolas away in a single shove.Cyclops landed on his butt, sliding another 5 feet into a panel with a "thump". Dust flew everywhere. Iceman saw this, and instantly raised his child pussy picture hand defensively. Within the next second, Wolverine found himself encased in child pussy torrent a 6 inch thick pillar of solid ice, frozen like sweet children porno a statue.Satisfied with porno childern his work, photos children fuck Iceman turned, and ran over to aide his possibly injured friend."Are child porno pic you okay japanese child fucked Cyke?" he asked, bending over to help the embarrassed boy to his feet."I'm okay." Cyclops said in gasps. "Where's Wolvie?""Over there." Iceman said, pointing towards an tiny pussy child empty, half shattered pile of broken ice. "Oh my gosh, he's gone!"Just then, Wolverine pounched onto the two boys, knocking Cyclops backwards. Using his fist, he clocked Iceman in the jaw, damn near breaking it in the process. The metal in Wolverine's nude children photo bones, magnifies his punches, making it seem as if you child cock pix are being hit by a metal baseball bat, rather than someone's fist.Iceman fell to the floor like a wet bag of cement, already unconscious. Cyclops knew what he had to do. Rolling child boy naturist out of the way, -just as he learned during excercise training- he quickly got to his feet. Adjusting his eye-piece with his hand, -as not to harm his combat teacher too much- he looked around the room for his attacker."Where are you Logan?" he called out. "I know you're not scared of me. Are you?""Hardly." came an animalistic voice from behind him. But before Cyclops could spin around and look at his victim, -and trigger his distructive optic powers- he was clobbered over the head with Wolverine's open hand. The smack was still enough to floor the young lad.Nearly unconscious himself, Cyclops felt Wolverine lower himself ontop of his body, sniffing at him as a wild animal would fallen prey. He could feel Wolverine's nose journey up and lollita children sex down his body, from the back of his neck, all the way down to his buttocks. He thought the older X-man must have lost his mind when he felt his nose dig into his ass crack. Wolverine burried his face into children japan porno Cyclops' ass, and breathed in deeply. The aroma coming from child images rompl Cyclops' buttock, was making the manimal in him horny with lust.Cyclops' was still weak from the hit. He tried to gather up strength to flip over, and clock Wolverine with child lesbians pics one of his deadly looks, but he couldn't wrench himself from free pix childporn under the heavy hairy little muscule man.One of Wolverine's claws SHANK'd from his middle child porn iligal knuckle, bringing a greater fear from the teenager. He felt a breeze on the crack of his now exposed ass, realizing that Wolverine must have sliced the back of his uniform trousres.Wolverine re-placed porn chill his nose in Cyke's asscrack, and began licking at the smooth tender hole between the cheeks.Cyclops squirmed, trying to wiggle free. He could feel the rough hairs of Wolverine's whiskers, scratching at the smooth unblemished skin that protected his anus. Noone had ever touched Cyclops there, noone other than the child upskirts pics X-men's family doctor, -Moria Mactaggert, with her annual physical exames. But noone's certainly ever chill porno licked him there, not even Jean, whom had fallen inlove with giving Scott blowjobs, -mentally as well as physically.Wolverine slobbered all over Cyclop's warm hole, bathing it in slick saliva. He gripped the soft yet firm cheeks in his strong hands, and pried them apart like a shell fish, before attacking the small vulnerable hole once again with his tongue. He could hear his prey begging him to "stop", to just let him go and "forget about this insanity", but something inside Wolverine told him not to. He growled like a maddog whenever Cyclops tried to move. With the ass now properly lubed, Wolverine removed his wet face, and laid out ontop of his prey full length.Cyclops could feel Wolverine's thick, fat, uncircumsized anus stretching penis, press up against his wet resisting hole."No Wolverine, Please...!" Cyclops begged, feeling the pre-cum leaking head stretching his tender virginal anal walls, wider than any shit he'd ever taken.Spurred on by his preys crys of protest and struggle, Wolverine childporno pix pressed on, inching more and more of his stubby tree-truck thick dick inside Cyclops' teen hole.Upstairs, Storm electrocutes one of the drones, whom fall to the ground in a heap, crashing through the floor, nearly taking the unconscious Nightcrawler with it. Jean Grey sees her fallen companion tumbling into the hole with the collapsing floor, and telekenitically levitates him to safty.Wolfsbane sees another drone closing in forum nude children on Jean, and jumps infront of a blast of energy meant for her. The blast sends the young wolf across the hall, shattering a wooden door as she comes to an abrupt halt against a stone wall. She isnot unconscuous, but she'll have bruses enough to change her name to "Rainbow Bright".Downstairs, Scott Summers is children boys nude in total agony. His young body has never felt pain child nude hentai such as this. All the hours in pussy child pics the professor's Danger Room fighting androids, had never prepared him for the event of being force fucked up the ass. Wolverine's dick was so thick and solid, that it felt like someone was shoving a tree branch in his butt.Wolverine held Scott around his neck, in a zeps childsex head lock. He humped away at his weaker victim, pounding into his upturned ass with punishing blows. Cyclops screams eventually started to decipatate, as his hole became more and more accustomed to the assult. galleries childporn He could achilles tendon insertion feel Wolverine's hot breath child cum on his neck, feel his strong grip on his body tighten at times when his stroke would quicken, sending that ultra thick cock tube deeper into Scotts unexplored territories.Scott felt vulnerable, laying on the floor helpless, getting raped up his sweet young boy-cunt for the first time, while on a dangerous mission. Wolverine picked up the pace. The tight asshole taking his dick was starting to loosen up, he was able to move his fat penis in and out alot easier. Wolverine had done a good job lubing Scotts hole, and the efforts were paying off."URRHHGG! URRHHGG!! URRHHGG!!" Scott grunted evertime Wolvie shoved child hardcore pics inward. He could actually feel his hole stretching to accomidate the rock hard invader terrorizing the deep murky depths of his butt. Without even realizing it, Scott arched his back, giving Wolverine deeper access to his inner rectum."RRRRHHHH....!" Woverine groaned, getting closer to blowing his load. He pumped harder at the ass beneath him, crashing his pelvis into child pussy foto the soft cheeks. Cyclops opened his legs wider, and began throwing his ass back child masturbation xxx into Wolvie's groin, meeting him thrust for thrust. The act caused wolverine's tree-stump like dick to punch dangerously deeper. With an animal howl, Wolverine shoved into Scott one last time, and rocketed blast after thick slimy blast of rich potent canadian sperm into the boys tight gripping anus, white washing the liquifed innards in hot gushy cum.Wolverine suddenly collapesed ontop of Scott, crashing to the floor like a dead man. His hot sperm still gushing forth, filling Scott with the thick silvery paste. Cyclops rolled him over, causing Wolvie's fat shrinking dick to plop free from his ravaged hole, -his own hard dick popping free from his uniform."Iceman...!!" Cyclops gasped, startled to see his teammate standing over them."I...I saw...he was...I didn't...know what to do..." Iceman stammered, holding the giant ice club in his hands that he used to knock Wolverine unconscious. He couldn't keep his eyes off of Cyke's exposed eretion."Help me with him, will you Bobby?" Cyke said, trying to anime child pissing get from up under the heavy X-man.Iceman helped get Wolvie off top of Cylops. Cyke stood up, his sore abused asshole was on fire from the fucking it just took. His long slim erection was still swollen from the lust of feeling his older mentor, cumming in his butt. He looked at Bobby, whom seemed mesmerized by Cyke's erection."You okay Bobby?" he asked, unable to read the expression on his friends face.Bobby felt something in him, some spark of memory, telling him that he was: "the best cocksucker in the world". He looked at Scott's erection, and heard some faint voice tell him:"you want to suck my cock until I cum, you will suck until I shoot into your mouth, and you will swallow it. Then you will remember nothing of this".Falling to his knees, Bobby "melted away" his Ice image, reverting to his original HUMAN form. Before Scott was aware what was about to happen, Bobby latched his lips around the stiff pre-cum drolling hardon infront of him, sucking like his life depended on it.Cyclops children nude galery wanted to stop his friend, but the warm mouth wrapped freechild sex images nude child porno around his dick, was feeling too good to stop. Scott never knew Bobby was into sucking cock, but figured the teen boy must really be into it, as he was sucking his cock all chill porn links the way down to the balls, taking it even deep then Jean does.Scott could hear the battle going on upstairs, and knew he and the boys had ought to be headed up to help the girls, but that would child erotic picture have to nude childrens pictures wait until he fed his friend his load. Afterall, with the thick amounts dripping from his numbing hole, and the mad sucking Bobby was giving him, it wouldn't be but a matter of time before he was shooting that load tpg child porn down into his friends throat.Bobby was swallowing Cyke's dick whole, taking the teenager's rather impressive length of dick in all the way to his children porn gallerie peachfuzzed ball hairs. He slurped and sucked on the tube of tasty flesh, bringing Scott closer and closer to spilling his ripe seed into the talented mouth before him."Oh wow Bobby, I child underwear pics didn't know you liked cock man. You suck so well..." Scott complimented on deaf ears. Bobby was in a trance. He grabbed Cyke around the thighs, and began banging his head back and forth in Cyke's crotch, punching his cock down into his tight open throat. "Bobby, oh bobby, you'd better stop sucking man, I'm getting close..." Scott warned.Bobby sucked harder, he knew his prize was close, and yearned so for the tasty mouthfull he knew was coming. With his lips constantly touching Cyclop's balls -a strong indication that the entire length of Scott's pole was lodged deep in his throat-, he felt the first wave of teen spunk hitting the back of his throat. The first two batches spurted down into Bobby's greedy gullet like a water faucet. Bobby buried his nose in Cyke's pubic patch, and totally devoured his friend's nutt. Feeling completely drained, Cyclops fell back on his ass -exhausted.Just then, a loud rumbled began to deafen Scott's ears, then the ceiling came crashing in. Looking up at the debra about to fall on their heads, Cyclops activates his optic blast. The bright beam of energy erupts from the young leader's eyes, completely tits child pulverizing most of the steel and concrete into dust powder. The smaller fragments rain down, hitting the basement floor in large chunks. In all the confusion, Cyclops manages to tuck his dick back into his pants."Scott, you have found Wolverine!" Storm says, as she decends from above on her own self child tgp vids generated wind gusts."Yeah." the teen manages to say, as he sees his teammates -Wolvesbane, Nightcrawler, and Jean Grey- follow suit."We were worried when we didn't hear from you guys." Jean said, levitating Nightcrawler and Wolvesbane behind her, as they all come to a soft landing on the floor. "Is Mr.Logan alright?" she asks, when she notices he wasnot moving."He'll be fine," Cyclops says, looking around. "things got a lil' dicy, brazilian sexy childs and Bobby had to take him out.""Good goin' Bobby!" Nightcrawler said, smacking a dazed Bobby Drake on the back, bringing him out of his fog. Again, he had that nasty taste child erotica tgp in his mouth that was begining to become all too familiar."I see things got a lil' out of hand for you guys too." Cyclops said, seeing the parts of scrap-metal all over the floor that used to be the androids."We handled our own." Jean said, high fiving with Wolvesbane, whom once again resumed her human form."Let us not forget our mission." Storm said, pussy children sex taking inventory of all the old useless hard/software laying around. hot tgp child "What was this place used for?" she asks, looking at the same old chamber Wolverine was staring at when Cyclops and Iceman stumbled apon him."That was give me my...bones and claws." Wolverine said, coming to."You finally remember your past my friend?" Storm asks, walking in his direction."Yeh. I was just startin' ta rememba, when these childs hentai gallery two clowns came in and clobbered me ova tha head now." Wolvie joked, scratching his head."Do you need more time to collect your thoughts?" Storm asked, concerned."Naw. This place ain't nutt'n but a husk ov whut it used ta be. I ain't gon' find nutt'n more o' use. We might well childrens nude pics split." Wolverine said, looking around the neglected dwelling."You heard the man, last one back to the Blackbird has to kiss Gambit's smelly socks." Nightcrawler said, before BAMFing out of the room in a cloud of smoke and brimestone."Oh no you don't!" Wolvesbane said, switching to wolf-form, and racing up the stone steps as fast as her 4 legs could carry her."We ought to follow their lead, I feel the beginings of a strong storm building from the north. If childrens xxx pictures we hurry, we could out run it without my having to ulter mother nature." Storm said, while creating a wind drift to take her from the castle's basement. Jean Grey takes a confused Bobby Drake's hand, and levitates him up the hole in the ceiling, while Cyclops and Wolverine remain the last two X-men on the premises. Wolverine thai porno children grabs Cyke by the forearm, just as he was about to catch rusian child raped a ride on the drift of Storm's wind currents."Hold it Scott." Wolvie said, startling the naked child mpeg boy. "I...just wannit ta tell ya, dat child ass pictures I kno whut I did to ya. I did'n meant ta hurt ya none, trust me. But I wus'n myself, I could'n control whut I wus do'n. I ain't mean ta hurt ya. Honest."Scott heard the sincerity in the childrens sex videos older mans voice, and decided that Wolverine must have meant what he said. Scott still feels a slight ache in his anus, a reminder that he child panty pic was nolonger a ilegal child top virgin back there, but he found it hard to hold ill-feelings towards someone whom wasn't in complete control of themselves. The two shook hands, then accended quickly up the stone steps, insearch of the Blackbird -neither of them wanting to have to smell Remy's foul socks.END
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